What 2019 Has In Store For You, Based On Your Chinese Zodiac

What 2019 Has In Store For You, Based On Your Chinese Zodiac

Chinese New Year is right around the corner!  What better way to prepare for it than knowing what awaits you in the Year of the Pig? Read your horoscope for this year as predicted by an adviser from the Po Chuan Am Buddhist Temple in Binondo, Manila.

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Disclaimer: Horoscopes are only meant to guide you through the new year and are not meant to be taken literally.

Pigs will find their fortune fluctuating throughout this year. It is believed that those in their zodiac year, or ben ming nian, are more susceptible to trials and misfortune as they clash with Tai Su, the god in charge of people’s fortunes. For the Pig’s luck to improve, they are advised to wear or bring anything red.
Wealth: They will suffer from unexpected financial losses and have a hard time gaining money. Investments and huge spendings are greatly discouraged.
Career: Now is not the time for pigs to change careers or try their hand in something new as setbacks are sure to be encountered. Confrontations at work will also be inevitable but they must be dealt with patience and practicality.
Education: Fortunately, the Pig’s education is favorable, especially those seeking higher education. A few problems will be met, but Pigs will be able to charm their way out of it.
Health: While no major illness awaits the Pigs, they should be careful of small ailments throughout the year. Their mental health, on the other hand, is more likely to suffer this year and so it is important to take frequent breaks and relax.
Love: This will not be the year that Pigs find their true love; in fact, their luck in love is very unremarkable. However, this gives them the chance to focus on their friendships and build better relationships with their family.
Compatible with: Tiger, Rabbit, and Goat
Be wary of: Snake and Monkey

Rats are well-liked and can get along with everyone. They are smart, ambitious and can adapt quickly to different situations they find themselves in. This year will not go well for the Rat with a few exceptions in some areas such as their career and education.
Wealth: Rats can expect their expenses and bills to increase this year, making them vulnerable to several financial problems. It is better to save your money and remember to take good care of valuable things.
Career: The bold characteristic of Rats will help them prosper in their different careers and enter new ones. Those looking for jobs will be aided by their good friends in finding ideal ones and those wanting to start their business will find success. For those who are already employed, recognition and even a promotion is imminent.
Education: Clever and smart, Rats have no problem flourishing in school. This will be an exhausting year but it is important to remain dedicated and focused in all of your work.
Health: Many illnesses will try to affect the Rat’s health this year but a healthy diet and exercise will help them avoid this. Rats are reminded to always be careful as there is a high probability of an accidental injury. Their sleeping habits also need to be improved as this could lead to worse ailments.
Love: Single Rats will find this year to be fortunate as they will be guided in finding the right one. However, those who are already in a relationship will find themselves encountering problems with their significant others. In dealing with these problems, stay calm and be patient with your loved one.
Compatible with: Ox, Dragon, and Monkey
Be wary of: Horse, Goat, and Rabbit

Oxen are proud, hardworking, diligent and honest, which is clearly seen in their work and their relationships. They encountered the worst of their luck in the previous year and things will begin to look up in the Year of the Pig. There will still be a few trials ahead but their luck is now more stable.
Wealth: The Ox will face a lot of financial losses this year but they should not attempt to solve this by borrowing money from their friends. They will find it hard to earn and save money this year but should not be discouraged by this as their diligence will help them create opportunities to gain money.
Career: Their hard work will pay off and this will be their most prosperous year yet. They will get many chances to demonstrate their skill and power in their field that will help to further their position. They will confront a few difficulties but nothing too difficult that they cannot solve.
Education: This year will be very busy for the Ox and they can expect their workload to be heavy. Oxen must take things slow and do their best to not be overwhelmed with the work they have to do. The leadership qualities of the Ox will amaze their peers and lead to them taking charge of many future projects.
Health: Due to the workload they have this year, the Ox’s health will be in an unfavorable condition. The need to prove themselves will affect their sleeping and dietary habits, causing their health to suffer. The Ox must stop being stubborn and listen to the health advice given to them by their closest friends.
Love: The Year of the Pig brings the single Ox a strong and blissful relationship. For the most part, Oxen in a relationship will also be fortunate. However, their stubborness could bring a few disagreements in their relationship, which could either strengthen or destroy it. In every conflict, the Ox must remember to set aside their pride and solve things calmly.
Compatible with: Rat, Snake, and Rooster
Be wary of: Goat, Horse, and Dog

Tigers are thrill-seekers, adventurous and brave. They are always up for a challenge and welcome all opportunities to prove themselves. All of the hard work and effort put into the previous year will finally come to fruit in the Year of the Pig and also find major turning points in their life.
Wealth: Money will be abundant for the Tigers this year and it will come from many different sources. This does not mean, however, that they should spend their money on meaningless purchases. The Tiger must learn to pace their spending or this could equal a huge financial loss.
Career: The Tiger can expect the year to be filled with positive remarks from people in their field about the work they put in. Now would be the best time for the Tiger to start a business or invest in new ventures.
Education: Although the workload will be heavy and classes will be challenging, the Tiger’s optimistic and committed nature will help them thrive. They will find themselves joining a lot of extracurricular activities so they must try to maintain the right balance between their activities and studies.
Health: The Tiger will maintain their high energy and strength throughout the year. Tigers are very health-conscious which is why ailments are never a worry for them. Certain family members, however, are susceptible to minor illnesses and the Tiger should pay more attention to them.
Love: The idea of dating will certainly seem more appealing to Tigers this year but they will be more involved in short-term relationships. In their rush to find their ideal partner, they will attempt to force certain feelings and even jump into relationships too quickly.
Compatible with: Pig, Horse, and Dog
Be wary of: Snake and Monkey

While Rabbits have the tendency to be melancholic, they are kind-hearted, gentle and friendly to everyone they meet. They do everything they can to avoid conflict with other people and do their best to solve everything through comprise. This year promises them nothing but good fortune and favorable conditions.
Wealth: Rabbits will find money coming in from all of their ventures and investments. Their luck in the Year of the Pig will help them gain money and accumulate wealth. Many will try to entice the Rabbit with schemes to earn a quick buck so they must be cautious in trusting such promotions.
Career: Good fortune awaits the Rabbit in their field of choice. If they are uncertain about switching jobs or starting businesses, they can be assured that their luck will favor their ventures. They should be wary, however, as co-workers and business partners will find themselves jealous of the Rabbit’s fortunes and try to sabotage it by betraying the Rabbit.
Education: The Rabbit’s well-earned respect from their teachers will help them in the many obstacles they will face in their education this year. As long as they do not get distracted by social parties and newfound relationships, they will attain the results they wish for.
Health: The Rabbit will remain in great condition this year and even bring the people around them good health. However, this does not mean they should take this fortune for granted. If they fail to control their restless nature, they will find themselves suffering from accidental injuries.
Love: Although this will not be the year the Rabbit meet their ideal partner, they will encounter plenty of interesting people that will help them figure out what they want in life. Rabbits in a relationship will find many obstacles in their path but these obstacles will help them understand their partner more and improve their relationships.
Compatible with: Dog, Pig, and Goat
Be wary of: Rooster, Dragon and Rat

Dragons may be independent, powerful and successful but they still long for love and support from the people around them.  They will emerge from the shadow of last year and begin a more prosperous year under the Pig. While blessings are sure to rain upon the Dragon this year, they are not completely compatible with the Pig so they must reel in their stubborn and arrogant nature.
Wealth: A few financial losses will be encountered this year because of the Dragon’s over-confidence. Other than this, they will make more money than they did last year as they begin several business endeavors.
Career: Plenty of business opportunities will surround the Dragon in the Year of the Pig. A good friend will help them gain an improved reputation with their clients and co-workers. No matter what field they are in, they will demonstrate good performance worthy of a raise and a promotion.
Education: This year is the perfect time for the Dragon to take important exams. They will find that their motivation in school has increased which leads them to improve their grades and performance. Dragons can expect to retain important learnings they can apply to their real life.
Health: A fluctuating health condition is what the Dragon can expect in 2019. A change in environment will make them prone to illness and stress. No serious ailments will plague their year, however, and they can even expect an existing condition to improve over the year.
Love: Luck is on the Dragon’s side when it comes to love, especially for those searching for their ideal partners. An exciting and blissful relationship awaits the Dragon, provided that they do not get distracted by flings. Those who are already in a relationship will find a third party trying to sabotage their relationship.
Compatible with: Rooster, Monkey, and Rat
Be wary of: Dog, Rabbit and Dragon

Snakes are great improvisers and wise advisors. They have the tendency to be extremely lazy but they still get the job done through their unorthodox methods. While the Snake shined the most last year, this year presents a lot of challenges to them as they do not get along with the Pig. This only means that the Snake will have to work harder this year to avoid bad luck.
Wealth: A lot of opportunities to earn money will be available to the Snake, however, this money will not last long. Snakes have always been quite wasteful with their money, since they choose to spend more than what they have. They must learn to save their money and steer clear of unexpected expenses.
Career: They will often find themselves frustrated and stressed out with their work this year. Nevertheless, if they choose to persevere their effort will not go unnoticed. The Snake is advised to improve their relationship with their co-workers and to seize every opportunity to further their position, even if it means having longer work hours.  
Education: Snakes are smart and resourceful. Learning new material and adapting to new a curriculum will not seem hard for them. However, their focus and determination to achieve their academic goals will greatly suffer this year. Their extracurricular activities will seem more important to them and they will choose to focus on them. They need to apply themselves for in their studies in order to achieve the results they want.
Health: The Year of the Pig will have many minor illnesses in store for the Snake. Their lack of sleep and unhealthy diet will take its toll on them this year. Their mental health will also suffer a great deal due to their career or education. The Snake must remember to take good care of themselves and take frequent breaks to relax.
Love: Single Snakes will find themselves to be very unfortunate with their love life this year. They will be unable to display their charm to their love interests and be constantly disappointed with people they see as potential partners. However, these failures will help shape their ideal relationships and mold them to become better partners.
Compatible with: Monkey, Rooster, and Ox
Be wary of: Tiger and Pig

The Horse has contradicting characteristics but they still manage to attract plenty of people with their energy. They are independent but yearn for approval. They have short tempers but forgive easily. 2018 was a great year for the Horse and fortunately, their luck will continue in the Year of the Pig.
Wealth: Horses will experience a lot of trivial financial losses this year. Luckily, they can rely on a good friend to always help them out when money is tight. They will be tempted to spend their money on insignificant purchases but friends will constantly remind them the importance of saving.
Career: They will find everything going well at work, from their relationships with their co-workers to their own effort in their prospects. A promotion and a raise will come in the later part of the year as the Horse’s employers will see their dedication. Now would be a good time to start a business or invest in new ventures.
Education: Studying in groups can prove damaging to the Horse’s studies as they are better off working alone. They will be successful in their academics and in sports. The most challenging time will be around the middle of the year but they will meet someone who complements their ethics and will help them achieve their goals.
Health: The excitement of a prosperous year will push the Horse to their limits. They will overlook their health and opt to focus on their careers instead. Accidents will be unavoidable this year so the Horse must take care, especially in driving. They will also experience sickness in their family which means they must look out for their relatives.
Love: Single Horses will get many chances to begin a relationship this year. The chances of finding their ideal partner and being in a serious, committed relationship are very high. Now is also the time to for committed Horses to take their relationship to the next level, plans of marriage and children should be entertained.
Compatible with: Goat, Tiger, and Dog
Be wary of: Rat, Ox, and Horse

Goats thrive under pressure and are known for their strength and resilience. People tend to underestimate them as they prefer to remain calm and quietly observe their surroundings.  The Goat can rest easy knowing that they encountered the worst of their luck in 2018. The Year of the Pig promises them a more successful year.
Wealth: In the first half of the year, their financial situation is normal and stable. It is only in the second half of the year that they will experience the immense luck in their wealth. However, if they let their arrogance control how they handle their money, this will lead to financial losses.
Career: Great progress will be made in the Goat’s career. Goats in the creative field will experience a series of inspirations that will provide a major turning point in their works. They will have to put in more hours in their work but they will be rewarded with a promotion for all of their hard work. Despite this luck, they are discouraged from switching jobs as this could disrupt their stable business prospects.
Education: Students will begin the year with an extremely high motivation and dedication. A few rough patches will be encountered but their passion for learning will help them get through it. Those preparing for examinations will have to work harder in order to achieve the results they want to see.
Health: Other than a few trivial ailments, Goats will mostly be in great health during 2019. Apart from eating healthy and exercising, they should surround themselves with positive people that will keep them in great spirits throughout the year. Staying with negative people will stress them out and cause their mental health to suffer.
Love: A new relationship will begin for the Goat early on in the year. They will experience many great things with their significant others that will help their relationship to blossom. Their moodiness may cause some problems but they are blessed with a partner who is understanding and patient, which they should not take for granted.
Compatible with: Horse, Pig, and Rabbit
Be wary of: Ox, Rat, and Dog

Monkeys are wise and intelligent which is why many people can’t help but be attracted to them. Their cunning and mischievous nature, however, is what prevents them from forming lasting relationships with others. The previous year had many dramatic ups and downs for the Monkey, but they can expect more excitement this year as they share the same fun-seeking vibe as the Pig.
Wealth: The Monkey will have to work harder this year to earn money. Their prudent manner of dealing with money will ensure that they have little to none financial losses to worry about. They are reminded to be careful when it comes to trusting other people with their money, especially friends who are asking for loans.
Career: Monkeys can expect a great beginning in their career this year accompanied by career growth. Their hard work and dedication will be rewarded profusely by their employers and co-workers alike. A few setbacks will be encountered but the Monkey should not worry for they are temporary and lead to minor losses only.
Education: They will feel as though it is impossible to get anything done this year with their work and activities increasing. However, with the help of their friends and teachers, they will be able survive the year. Joining new study programs or studying abroad is greatly discouraged for the Monkey this year.
Health: If the Monkey will have any misfortune this year, it will affect their health first. They will be prone to accidents and plagued with minor illnesses throughout the year. Monkeys should not disregard even the smallest of ailments as this could lead to something worse. They must also learn to listen to the advice of those who care about their wellbeing.  
Love: Social engagements and parties will fill up the Monkey’s calendar this year, which will give them more opportunities to meet eligible partners. They are discouraged from entertaining casual flings as they could pass up on forming a committed relationship with “the one”. Committed Monkeys should control their playful nature as this could cause rifts between them and their significant other.  
Compatible with: Snake, Rat, and Dragon
Be wary of: Tiger and Pig

Roosters are perfectionists and serious people when it comes to their work. Outside of work, however, they like to be the life of the party. Although the Rooster’s personality may be hard to understand, all they really want is the validation of other people. The Rooster had a difficult year under the Dog, but better outcomes are awaiting them in the Year of the Pig. A few inauspicious events can be anticipated but nothing too hard for the Rooster to handle.
Wealth: The Rooster will perhaps meet the most misfortune in their financial situation. They are still adjusting to new conditions which will cause them a few financial losses due to an increase in expense. Roosters should learn how to budget their money as there will be rainy days ahead. They should avoid spending their money on luxuries and big investments.
Career: A promising career growth can be anticipated by the Roosters this year, as long as they stick in the right direction. This is not the time to entertain new job prospects, however, as they are better off continuing what they have already begun. They will have to put in more effort into their work but, ultimately, the raise and approval from their superiors will make it worth it.
Education: Their academic pursuits will be a bumpy one as they will constantly be tempted to socialize instead of focusing on their work. Group studies and projects will help them to excel this year but they should take care in choosing the people they group with. They must surround themselves with people who have the same goals and good work ethics.
Health: The Rooster’s luck with their health will be mixed this year. They will be in a good and healthy condition throughout the year but they will attract accidents wherever they go. They must remember to always be careful, especially in drinking. They must also watch out for their relatives as troubles will follow them, leading to injuries or death. New work may also cause them to stress out which is why frequent breaks are advised.
Love: A lot of possible prospects will introduce themselves this year but single Roosters will prefer to steer clear of relationships. They will fail to see the appeal in starting relationships and instead focus on furthering their careers. Roosters are reminded to always be open to entertain relationships. Married Roosters will find small arguments throughout their marriage this year but their serious nature will help to solve these.
Compatible with: Dragon, Snake, and Ox
Be wary of: Rabbit, Dog, and Rooster

The Dog is loyal and honest in nature, making them the most reliable and trustworthy friends. Many people often go to the Dog for advice since they are good at helping others and fixing problems. The Dog faced the worst of their luck last year, as it was their ben ming nian, but 2019 will finally bring their much needed relief. Dogs may feel a bit out of place this year, considering their differences with the Pig, but their easy-going nature will help them out.
Wealth: Apart from their jobs, Dogs can expect money to come in from many sources. Their good relationships with other people will also send generous blessings along their way. However, they must not be tempted to constantly spend money buying things for their friends.
Career:  Dogs looking for a job this year will be delighted to know that a good friend will help them get the work they want. Those wanting to switch jobs or start new businesses should do it this year while their luck favors it. Dogs who are already employed will find that a raise is imminent.
Education: Studying abroad presents the Dog with many opportunities this year. It is a great time to pursue higher education and not let their uncertainties hinder them from achieving their goals. Many people will try to distract them from achieving their academic objectives, so the Dog must do their best to focus on their work.
Health: Unfortunately, health is one of the areas in which the Dog will experience misfortune. An old major illness will resurface and their year will be plagued with small ailments such as flus. Their work will constantly leave them feeling tired and stressed so frequent breaks are necessary to recuperate.
Love: Dogs who are single will experience the most fortune this year, especially in the earlier months. Chances of meeting their ideal partner are high, especially through work or an acquaintance. Many will find the Dog’s charm to be irresistible and will want to pursue a committed relationship with them. Committed Dogs should take their relationships to the next level this year, as their luck permits it.
Compatible with: Rabbit, Tiger, and Horse
Be wary of: Dragon, Ox, and Goat

Article by Regina L.


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