Dragon Recommends: Online Cookie Stores

Dragon Recommends: Online Cookie Stores

I remember seeing children in American movies and commercials leaving milk and cookies for Santa on Christmas Eve. As a kid myself, I was quite bewildered by this as the traditional “Christmas food” in the Philippines is “keso de bola”, which is a ball of cheese. 

Just recently, I found out that this American tradition of leaving milk and cookies stemmed from quite a dark reality in the 1930s: The Great Depression. The decline brought by this economic downturn encouraged parents to teach their children the value of gratitude and sharing.

The tradition of leaving a glass of milk and a sweet treat for Santa now seems like an ordinary custom for kids. However, almost a decade ago, this was a gesture children did as a symbol of thanks, even when they received nothing at all. 

Now, more than ever, is the perfect time to share our blessings and support small businesses given the impact of the pandemic. I’ve compiled some stores in Cebu that sell cookies in case you’re looking for a holiday treat or if you’re just craving a cookie after attempting to lose your quarantine weight. No matter what kind of cookie you prefer—soft, chewy, chunky, gooey—I’m sure there’s at least one store in this list that will suit your preference. I also included some stores with interesting flavors that you might want to try. 

Happy eating and leave some cookies for Santa!

Looking for variety?


This store is very popular among Cebuanos. It was featured on the local newspaper and for good reason: they offer a variety of cookies! Do you like your cookies plain and simple? They have chocolate chip cookies with your selection of walnut, triple chocolate chip, and double dark chocolate chip. Do you want to try new flavors? They offer Nutella, espresso, and matcha cookies. Do you have health restrictions? They have oat cookies and even keto cookies which are very hard to find. 

Review by Dominic L.

Inglorious Cookies started off as a small Instagram Business that did not receive much attention. My cousin was actually the one who first introduced me to the store. At the time, they were well known for their Nutella Bombs. My cousin ordered me a box and I was hooked! Their Nutella Bombs have a subtle yet crumbly outer layer with gooey Nutella inside. They are a perfect combination for those who have a sweet spot for Nutella and cookies. Overall these are probably one of my favorite cookies in Cebu. The batter of their cookie just compliments the Nutella like a match made in heaven. 10/10 for me.


Just like ingloriouscookies, this store is also well-known with more than 7,000 followers on Instagram. They offer 11 flavors for their cookies, but what sets them apart is their “pizookie”. It’s a customizable cookie, shaped like a pizza (which may be great for gatherings). You can choose the cookie flavor from 6 options like chocolate chip, red velvet, and espresso just to name a few. You can also customize the toppings with your choice of chocolates, nuts, and sauce. They also offer mini cookies, which are perfect for when you want to try all their 11 flavors without feeling too full. 

Review by Jaschia D.

When I ordered from Brookies, I got the chocolate chip and red velvet—two of my favorite flavors. I loved the softness of the cookie. It was as if the cookie melted in my mouth. I was never a fan of crunchy cookies, which is probably why Brookies is one of my favorite stores to buy a cookie from. If you like your cookies soft, I definitely recommend this store.

Keeping it simple?


Crumblepastries is new to the game, opening only last July. They offer 2 flavors for their cookies. Chunky choco chip and chunky walnut choco chip. This is for the people who don’t want their cookies too soft. If you’re going for a classic cookie or one that’s loaded with walnut and chocolate, this store is a worthy try. They also sell cold brew, carrot loaf, and banana loaf. 

Review by Pristina M.

I tried the chunky walnut choco chip cookie and it really lives up to every word of the name. The cookies were crunchy but not dense, which was my main problem [with cookies like this] before. The flavor of [the] chocolate and walnut combined was great. I’m not a huge fan of nuts in my cookies, but the amount of walnuts didn’t overpower the chocolate which is a plus for me. The cookies are also big, making it worth the price.

Oven City

Oven City offers soft and chewy chocolate chip cookies for only 250 pesos a dozen. Their Hershey’s Chocolate Overload is also very affordable for only 300 pesos for 10 pieces. Oven City’s cookies are right in the middle of soft and crunchy. The distribution of the chocolate is very consistent as well. Given the price, the cookies are definitely worth the buy! These are perfect for munching on when you study or watch a movie with friends because of the value. 250 pesos for a dozen cookies of this quality is such a great deal!

Review by Jaschia D.

I’m actually very picky when it comes to cookies. I like them soft and chewy. The cookies did not look soft when I saw them. However, when I tasted one, it was actually good. There was a good ratio of cookie and chocolate chips, at least to me. These cookies are perfect for sharing with friends.

Tummy Treats

Tummy Treats is also new. This small business only started 3 months ago. This shop isn’t known exclusively for cookies, but for lemon squares and cheesecake as well. They only offer 1 flavor for cookies, and that’s chocolate chip walnut. Their cookies are soft and gooey but still retain crunch in them. The walnut balances the sweetness of the Belgian chocolate used in the cookies. If you’re into nuts, this might be the store for you!

Review by Justin D.

I ordered their chocolate chip walnut cookies, and it’s arguably one of the best cookies I’ve ever tried. The cookies are large in size and have a lot of chocolate; every bite feels like a delightful sweet escape. The walnuts also accentuate the texture very well, it helps the cookies have a little crunch despite its soft texture. Php 380 for a dozen sumptuous and filled cookies? You’re getting more than you paid for.

Chocolate lover?


This is an extra item on the list, since there are reviews from Cebuanos who value chocolate in their desserts. If you take a look at their Instagram page, I’m sure you’ll be amazed by the amount of chocolate they put in one cookie. These pictures from their Instagram page speak for themselves:

That’s a wrap! I hope this compilation didn’t leave you too hungry. Do you want to try any of the stores listed?

Comment which one down below!

Article by Jaschia D. (Grade 11); Feature image by Chewon Y. (Grade 10)

Reviews are uncommissioned, unpaid, and represent the personal views of the authors. They should not be taken to represent the views of Dragon’s Print and Cebu International School.

Images retrieved from Instagram.


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