A Week With No Wall, Let us Recall!

A Week With No Wall, Let us Recall!

March second was the birthday of the incredible Dr Seuss, poet and author of The Cat in the Hat, Green Eggs and Ham and many more poems! In dedication to his works, we decided to create and compile a list of poems based on the different Week Without Walls activities!


4 activities throughout 4 days,
Each different in their own ways,
One day had international school collaboration,
Others, involved lectures about emergency situations,
Victims of typhoons needed help in a hurry,
But Project Barkada had their backs,
leaving no need to worry,
Action plans, posters, and so much to adore,
4×4 has a lot to be excited for.

Educators of the Galaxy

Learning topics from all over the galaxy
Things that you can’t see
Or from another country
Keeping your mind active
Lectures all fun and interactive
Life is full of mystery
Learn more with its history
Searching for planets
With some fancy gadgets
Don’t be in a rush
Just bring in a paint brush
Rich in cultures
Fun facts about numbers and colours

Social Campaign

Break down the walls
For a greater cause
The week of cheer
And collaboration with peers
The virtual net is wide indeed
But to use the web as a platform instead
To campaign for those in need
Different cultures
And diverse nations
All together they come
Whether virtually or physically
All hands together as one

The Transformers

Food is scrumptious,
Food is yummy,
Food is luscious,
And usually in my tummy,
But with food, we can rebuild a flooded community.
Cooking, farming, crafting, you name it all,
Put these in pamphlets, they won’t struggle with vicious rainfall.
Composting can help societies reform,
And most importantly, let them transform.

Time Travellers

Let’s all keep an open mind
And treasure what we find
On this bumpy ride
Travelling world wide
Finding more about vikings and greek lives
See where their history derives
Delicious food bringing us together
Getting to know each other better
Whether from across the world
Or a different time
Having fun doesn’t cost a dime!

Everlasting Hope

Happiness cannot be bought
It can be taught
But can’t be sold
It can be spread
Not on bread
But to other souls
Through videos they teach
To create, educate, and play
Spreading small acts of kindness
To brighten each of their days
Filled is a heart full of hope
And filled is the heart who spreads such hope
For the happiness of children
Is a priceless reward
No matter the deed
Significant it is for sure!

Written by Sean K. and Lea F. (Grade 10); Feature image by Julianna C. (Grade 10)

The views expressed in this article represent the personal views of the author and should not be taken to represent the views of Dragon’s Print and Cebu International School.


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