Angel Numbers: What are they? Why are they so popular?

Angel Numbers: What are they? Why are they so popular?

As a child, whenever I saw the time as 11:11 I would close my eyes and make a wish. My mom had told me that these numbers were very lucky and any wish I made would surely come true. Even now, I find myself making wishes whenever I see the numbers 1111, whether it be on a receipt or simply the numbers on the microwave. Through social media, I found out that 1111 is an example of an angel number; however, I still had no idea what that meant and why it was suddenly rising in popularity. As today is 11/11, I thought it would be a perfect time to explore these questions and learn more about what makes 1111 so lucky. 

Angel numbers are believed to be signs from a divine being, such as a god, angels, ancestors, spirits, or even the universe itself. These signs may be indicators that you are making the right choices, providing insight into complicated situations, and more. Angel numbers appear as a repetition or pattern of three or four numbers. 1111 is an example of an angel number containing repetition while 8787 is an example of an angel number containing a pattern. Although numbers have always been an important part of our everyday lives, the term “angel number” was not introduced until the early 2000s. An author named Doreen Virtue wrote a series of books regarding this topic, not only coining the term but also discussing the various messages behind these number sequences. According to her website, “She graduated with a Master’s degree with highest honors (3.90 gpa for 56 units) in Biblical and Theological Studies from Western Seminary, and a B.A. and M.A. in Counseling Psychology from Chapman University” (Virtue, n.d.). 

Over the last few years, angel numbers have been a topic of interest on platforms like TikTok, Instagram, and Facebook. Furthermore, a number of celebrities have begun using angel numbers, sparking a trend among many young people to believe them as well. What is interesting about angel numbers is that, unlike your horoscope or zodiac sign, they have no relationship to your date of birth. Instead of telling you what your personality is or should be, angel numbers provide reassurance and guidance as you navigate daily life. Furthermore, the meanings of angel numbers tend to be very flexible and individual. Although there are general meanings to them, the way you perceive angel numbers is very subjective. For example, one may interpret 222 as a sign of balance while another person may interpret 222 as a need for truth. It is all dependent on your circumstances and state of mind. 

Between the pandemic and all the uncertainties that make up our world, I believe angel numbers act as an escape from harsh realities and comfort that everything will be okay. As a young person growing up in the modern era, I understand how scary the world and future can be. Even something as simple as seeing a sequence of numbers can ease the many anxieties and fears we face. Whether you believe in angel numbers or not, they have certainly become recognized symbols that provide significant spiritual meaning. 

Article by Bella F. (G11) & Feature Image by Anya C. (G12)


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