Ho-Ho-Holiday Poems

Ho-Ho-Holiday Poems

The most wonderful time of the year is just around the corner. What better way to celebrate it than with holly jolly holiday poetry? Here are some festive Christmas poems written by our very own staff to start off your season the Dragon’s Print way!

Christmas is the most festive time of the year

Having all my family members cheer 

Right when we were about to sing

I heard our doorbell ring

So I opened the door

Then snow blew on the floor

Making a gigantic mess 

All over where my brother plays chess

Sending love and a Merry Christmas to all

Ho ho ho

A sound I heard outside my window

Various types of food

Eating and brightening the mood

Alas, Christmas time is here

Great fun and cheer

Reading books by the fire

Expecting gifts that I desire

Anticipating Saint Nick

Travelling oh-so-quick

Hoping for only the best

Oh, I am so blessed

Letting go of all my worries

I really hope that Santa hurries

Driving in his sleigh

Arriving right away


Bonus: Try to connect the first letters of each line for a surprise message!

Happy Holidays from Dragon’s Print!

Written by Lea F. (Grade 9) and Jandra R. (Grade 8); Feature image by Karen Y. (Grade 9)


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