Remote Learning: 4 Days in the Life of 2 Freshmen

Remote Learning: 4 Days in the Life of 2 Freshmen

Having been in quarantine for what feels like an eternity, you would think that everyone has already gone crazy. However, most of us have already adapted to the plain schedule of waking up, working, eating then going back to sleep after the six weeks we’ve been stuck inside our houses. Although doing the same thing every day might seem boring, we’ve documented four days of our quarantined lives to try and keep things exciting!

Sunday, Day 1 — Sean

8:10 am — I woke up to end the 5th week of quarantine. During the lockdown, I actually have been trying to keep up some sort of sleep schedule even if it is Sunday. So, I got on with my day.

8:30 am — After showering, I had nothing special for breakfast. Yeah, it was just a cheese sandwich with a bowl of cornflakes. Also, this may be a controversial cereal take, but depending on the day, I kind of don’t like cornflakes. Yet I was hungry and I ate it all.

9:30 am — An hour has passed so you must be wondering, what miraculous feat have you managed to do? Nothing… Literally nothing because I had to stay with my sister since she’s “scared to be alone” (which I don’t believe but OK). So, I watched TV shows for 9-year olds. (Trust me, the day gets better… I hope.)

9:45 am — I finally went to my room and I realized my Mandarin Book Project was due today and I haven’t even started working on it (Sorry Ms. Jin). Well, looks like it’s time to do school work on the weekend… yay. 

11:00 am — I’m almost done with the book so it’s time for my well-earned Instagram break.

11:30 am — That break took longer than I expected, so I’m just going to finish up my Science homework.

12:00 pm — Almost finished the homework but I got tired so I had lunch. (Tuna, sweet corn and chicken.)

1:00 pm — After my lunch break, I wanted to finish my book, but it was Sunday so I had to attend a remote church. I watched a church procession on the TV while almost falling asleep.

2:30 pm — The mass ended and I managed to finish my book and turn it in. 

3:00 pm — I also finished my Science work. I was going to rest, but I had a weird urge to practice the keyboard and so I did.

4:00 pm — It was fun learning more stuff on the keyboard. Afterwards, I took a Youtube break.

5:30 pm — I didn’t expect to watch Youtube till it became dinner time. (Where I had some roast chicken and fried rice.)

6:30 pm — After dinner, I watched Love Never Dies, the sequel to Phantom of the Opera (kind of recommended) then I went to bed to prepare for another remote learning day. 

Monday, Day 2 — Lea 

4:00 am I woke up earlier than usual to hopefully get some work done. I thought that I could at least finish one assignment…but I ended up just watching family vlogs on Youtube.

6:00 am I eat breakfast at the same time every day to try and keep a ‘normal’ school day schedule. 

7:00 am After a lot of Youtube, I finally decided to work while waiting for the other assignments to pile up.

8:00 am — All the assignments have been given and I finally realized how behind I was with all my school work.

10:00 am — I decided to have a little break since I finished most of the assignments due. I rested for a bit then tried to memorize my presentation for Mandarin (which I was supposed to memorize for today).

11:00 am — I had just finished joining both video calls for Mandarin and Social Studies, so I tried to study for the math test we had the next day.

11:30 am I made lunch for my family which was just some potatoes, eggs, and bacon and everyone ate silently. (I guess everyone already got used to seeing each other, HAHA.)

1:30 pm — Not having much to do for the rest of the day (except for homework) so I helped my family clean the garden and the pool.

4:00 pm — My mom really felt like baking something so we made apple pie and attempted to make a pizza.

6:30 pm When the pizza dough was ready, we started adding all the toppings onto the pizza, making a huge mess, and I think I might’ve burned my arm while trying to put the pizza in the oven hehe.

8:00 pm After cleaning everything up and eating, it was finally time to sleep and let me tell you, I was out like a light.

Tuesday, Day 3 — Sean

6:45 am Guess what? I’ve woken up for another day of remote learning! Here we go again. Putting the negatives aside, I got on with my morning routine to prepare for the day ahead.

7:30 am — After a delightful bowl of cereal (Cookie Crisp if you wondered) I anxiously waited for the tasks for today while checking Instagram.

8:00 am All the assignments have now been posted, so I chose to do Design first. I chose this as it usually takes a lot of time to finish Design assignments so I aimed to complete it.

9:30 am I finally completed surveying my family on the Brown Rice Risotto I made for Design which took longer than I expected so I decided to take a break.

10:00 am I had apple slices during my break and afterwards, I began to work on my Drama tongue twister project.

10:30 am — The tricky tongue twister task was finished, but I got a bit stressed realizing there were a lot of big projects coming up. So I asked if one of them could be extended.

11:00 am Luckily I somehow got more time for one project, so I felt more composed as I worked on my Social Studies slideshow.

12:20 pm — Wow, I learned a lot about Emilio Aguinaldo’s impact on Philippine history in the past hour, but it got interrupted for a delectable mid-day meal. (It was some chicken wings and pancit.)

1:30 pm I answered textbook questions for Science to complete all the tasks for the day. Considering I had extra time, I decided to do extra work to edit my Medieval Composition for Music.

3:00 pm — Wow making music is hard, but I made progress, so I took a well-earned Youtube break to watch the Ultimate Rock, Paper, Scissors Tournament. (Now that was REAL entertainment.) 

4:00 pm — After relaxing with Youtube I had energy, so I went outside to play badminton. However, when I tried to hit the shuttlecock, I stepped on a rock and it made my ankle roll and I ended up spraining it. Yup, I sprained my ankle in quarantine. What a weird day.

5:30 pm Following that dreadful badminton match I rested and put ice on my ankle. Then, mom’s spaghetti for dinner came which definitely helped my mood. 

7:30 pm I ended up watching Nailed It! on Netflix for two hours. During that time, I spotted a cockroach. I prepared the necessary tools to kill it but as soon as I sprayed it, it flew right at me and I fell on to my couch and it somehow luckily (Well, luckily for me, not the cockroach) died. After that, I continued binge-watching other cooking shows on Netflix and ended my whirlwind of a day.

Wednesday, Day 4 — Lea

7:00 am Yet again, I was woken up by my alarm. I quickly fixed my bed and ran downstairs with all my school stuff that I needed for the day.

9:00 am Surprisingly, I finished all the easy assignments quickly and decided to finally eat my breakfast and watch a few of Jess and Gabriel’s videos, they are a Youtube couple and are really funny. (I try not to watch Netflix since I know I won’t be able to start working again afterwards.)

10:00 am — I was busy making my 3D artwork for Art class. I spent about one hour making an origami cube. 

11:30 am Thinking that I worked well today, I chose to stretch a bit and went out to my garden to get some fresh air.

1:00 pm After eating lunch with my family, I went back to work but ended up not doing anything because I had already finished all my assignments for the day and just wanted to rest.

2:30 pm For some reason, I felt the urge to make a video edit on iMovie, so that’s just what I did. It might not have been such a smart idea since there still were assignments that I could’ve worked on. Oh well…

3:30 pm — After looking at the to-do list on Google Classroom I realized how I had a lot of work to do, so I started working on my assignments due the next day.

4:40 pm I was waiting for a K-pop music video by NCT Dream to come out at 5 so I just sat in front of my laptop watching random videos on Youtube until it came out.

5:30 pm Worked on this Dragon’s Print article, then got ready for dinner.

7:00 pm Fed all my pets (two dogs and four cats) right before going to sleep.

BONUS: Pet photos! (These were very difficult to take haha):

As you may have seen, our remote learning has had its challenges but for us freshmen, we still had some positives. With this new style of schooling, we’ve learned how to maintain a healthy lifestyle and routine while educating ourselves from the limitations of our own households. However, we do realize you can’t replace the opportunity of human interaction and in-school education, which is why it’s really important we prioritize our time in lockdown. We’ve done this by garnering the knowledge we would normally get at school, but by also learning new skills so we can still develop and readjust while indoors. So in the end, whenever we’ll be allowed to go back out, we’ll be ready to not only go on with our normal lives, but also to continue some things we learned from staying inside. 

Stay safe everyone, we’ll get through this!

Written by Lea F. and Sean K. (Grade 9); Feature image by Venise T. (Grade 11)

The views expressed in this article represent the personal views of the author and should not be taken to represent the views of Dragon’s Print and Cebu International School.



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