My Terrifying yet Fun First Few Days at BEIMUN

My Terrifying yet Fun First Few Days at BEIMUN

It was a Thursday morning. The sun was out, and I woke up not because I was fully rested, but because I was completely anxious. It was the first day of the BEIMUN conference.

Throughout the morning, I just kept overthinking about every possible scenario I could be put in and how I would handle it without absolutely embarrassing myself. The thing was, the possibilities were almost endless, because I had no idea how the BEIMUN procedure would even work. In fact, I was extremely stressed and worried the night before, so I asked everyone I could for help and techniques they were using to prepare. I got nothing. Reaching out really didn’t do much because everyone else was in the same predicament as me and had no clue how the first-ever virtual BEIMUN would run. Thus, I decided to “go with the flow”…

I did just that by watching Youtube, zoning out, and trying my best to not get too nervous or lose it just before the conference began. Then the time came. Five minutes before we started, I prepared my water, put on my formal wear (which was extremely uncomfortable by the way), and entered Microsoft Teams. 

The first day was actually way more relaxing than I anticipated, as the debating hadn’t started and we were still forming resolutions. As a result, I really got to enjoy the interaction I had with the delegates in my group and made sure to pull my own weight by contributing to the discussions. After every group made their own resolutions, we began to debate and vote over everything that was written and decide what gets approved or denied. However, the outcome didn’t matter to me. What truly mattered was talking.

You might think it is easier to talk to a group of 50 people virtually than it is to stand up in a room facing all of them, but the instinctual fear of raising your placard, unmuting your microphone, then trying your best to put a bunch of words together in a sensible manner is still really difficult to overcome. It was tougher than I first thought, especially as this was my first ever MUN conference. Thus, when I finally got my first ever question out to someone and talked, I was over the moon! I couldn’t believe I actually said something that contributed to the fruitful discussion at hand. Looking back at the entire journey, I believe it was worth experiencing because participating in BEIMUN makes you so much more confident not just as a speaker, but as a person.

Article by Sean K. (Grade 10)

The views expressed in this article represent the personal views of the author and should not be taken to represent the views of Dragon’s Print and Cebu International School.


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