Poems & Tunes Friday Finale

Poems & Tunes Friday Finale

At The International Fair

Hoist the colors high, the dawn is nigh and breaking!
The people march the ground, and to their flags they’re facing
Up on the sky, pieces of cloth wave to and fro in the breezy air
And a chilly thrill gushes through the International Fair!

Whether of race, of origin, of face, of skin,
My brothers and sisters are all my kin.
We will pride ourselves in where we had begun,
And yet with each other is where we do belong.

My color, my costume, my cuisine, my custom
My heritage, my lineage, all from top to bottom
My folksong, my folklore, my folks are all so willing
To share with you a taste of culture so fulfilling!

But don’t forget to walk me through the history of your nation,
Let me feel your highs and lows, your grief and motivations.
Then let us swear upon a world, a universe ruled by peace:
A common dream of you and I— and countries all at ease.

Let’s celebrate, commemorate, memorialize the time and date,
Today we sang and danced and talked and dressed and cooked and ate,
Today we lived and laughed and learned to love and listen for a future
Where we are heard and seen and felt, together with our cultures!

Haiku to the World

Greetings to Asia,
Americas, Africa
Europe, Oceania!

To bring cultures together, Dragon’s Print prepared a Spotify playlist with songs from all over the world! Visit the playlist here:

Have a great International Day everyone!

Poems by Rhett T. and Feature Image by Victoria J. (G12)

The views expressed in this article represent the personal views of the author and should not be taken to represent the views of Dragon’s Print and Cebu International School.

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